This page is to help people who are checking the LDP mirrors are correct and up to date.


The LDP has many mirrors. They help in widening access to the HOWTOs. Most of the mirrors are Universities.

We need to be sure all the referenced mirrors are up to date, according to the status given on the mirror page (DAILY...).


This can be seen by going to the mirror and looking at the home page to see if the date (top right corner of the page) is the same as the date on

Then a sample of the links in the mirror need to be tested (clicked on) to see if they point to a usable document. If an incorrect document should be found, look at the same link on the main TLDP site to determine if the error originates with the mirror or with the main TLDP site.

If there is any problem with a mirror, first write to the discussion list to inform everybody (so that we don't have two people writing to the mirror admin at the same time), then write to the admin to ask for the necessary change.

Given we now have a wiki :-), it could be a good idea to write on the mirror page the date it has been tested and the result ("tested good on month day, year by <identity of tester>"). The mirror page can be found here

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