Note to authors (September 2008).

Hello, I am a reviewer for and supporter of TLDP. We are currently trying to determine the status of all the documents in TLDP's repository. Many pages there are outdated, and we hope to update and improve them. In order to achieve that, the current TLDP staff (including myself) collect information about the documents (HOWTOs, articles, and others).

According to TLDP documents, you are the author of "edit this line".

Could you please answer the following questions? 1. Would you like to maintain your published document? 2. Would you like your document to be editable by others? We set up our wiki to make possible that scenario, in hopes of attracting more people to support, maintain, and update pages there. 3. Do you agree your HOWTO being copied to the wiki WITH the new default TLDP Licence, (It is GFDL v. 1.2 without invariant sections.) You can find TLDP's wiki at The GFDL enjoys widespread use for documentation. You can find a reference copy at . 4. Do you agree to your HOWTO being managed via the wiki (controlling the editing process, releasing versions for deployment to the static mirrored pages)?

And a personal request, since we have limited resources, very limited, I would remark: We need every help available in spreading the idea of and information about TLDP. I would like to ask for your support and help. Tell others, and spread the news of and information about TLDP and our new project - TLDP wiki.

You could find TLDP's wiki at, Also a discussion for the new TLDP manifesto - And the Getting Involved page -

Thank you in advance.

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