Dear Distribution volunteers and board members,

We are sure you already know the Linux Documentation Project (

LDP is a very old Lady (in the Linux timeline) and it needs a lifting. We are trying to acheive this with two deadlines: end of 2008 to have an operational web site/wiki, and end of 2009 to have fully updated documentation/HOWTOs.

We are now working on the basics: Manifesto, Licence.

One of our goals is to keep the LDP HOWTOS mirrored all over the world and inserted in as many as possible distributions.

On this goal we have to ask you what are yours main needs, as we can still make changes to fill them.

Please, read the licence (and the associated comment page) and comment on it, read the Manifesto and comment on it.

We also have to build a page linking to the major documentation sites and we know you have one, may be you can youself describe it on the relevant wiki page.

We would be very glad if you could nominate some of your team people for LDP relationship, to makes it easy in the future.

Your sincerely (signature)

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