Hello, fellow LDP member :-!

On June 2008, some time ago, the LDP discuss list became more active, mostly because some people were upset by the obsolescence of many HOWTOs. From one post to another, more volunteers have shown up, and slowly the LDP workflow is evolving.

You are known as an LDP volunteer, and we acknowledge your participation and are very grateful for your help.

If you are already aware of the change, please forgive us for sending this letter. If not, you may be interested in reading http://wiki.tldp.org/.

The first question we have to ask is if you're still ready to keep the LDP task you were noted for on this page: http://tldp.org/vlist.html. If so, we'll be very glad to work with you. Indeed, we hope you will decide that way :-). Please let us know if you need any assistance in managing your task.

If, for any reason, you can't continue your collaboration with the LDP, please give us a sign so that we can try to find somebody else. 

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Message sent on September 27, 2008 to the people of the volunteer list, that is:

Active on October 2008

(no special order)

No more active for a reason

Not responding - second try

Not responding - first try

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