Svetoslav Chukov

Email: <svetoslav.chukov AT SPAMFREE gmail DOT com>

Hi, welcome to my place. My name is Svetoslav Chukov, I am a Fedora, GNU/Linux, OpenSolaris fan, and that is the reason that I want to help TLDP. Probably many people already know about my advantages with wrong documentation but here it is again

I am interested in the software development in C, Python and recently Perl, network and system security and kernel development. No too much, Huh? My deepest love are the filesystems and kernel development (but for now I am still newbie in that area) and the system security. To be more precise I would remark the intrusion detection systems, that is the thing I really like to explore and learn.

Well, how did I start to think about helping TLDP? Basically that was the incident with the serial port program that I already described. It is really bad to follow wrong documenantion and to think it is accurate. It is like trojan horse in my own place. Very sad really. So, from that point I saw that the situation will not get better but could get worse, and that motivated me to start helping TLDP.

What to say also? Additionally I love to play with OpenSolaris, PyGTK, SQLite and other databases.

What is my expectations from TLDP in the future?

The documentation will get better. Step by step we will create a stable base with many documents. And the most important - I hope they to be up-to-date always. I will put effort to update some of the kernel/software development HOWTOs as well as the HOWTOs related to the community and GNU/Linux marketing. These are really important point of GNU/Linux and they deserve to be well documented.

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