This page aims to be a portal for authors. Authors should be able to find here all that they need to know (or might hope to know) about the LDP, writing HOWTOs and the like.

Who's an Author?

We often see an author as being the first writer of a document. It's right, but it's not the only situation. You can also take the authorship of a document because the original author don't want to continue or simply share the authorship with the original author because you have some expertise on the subject.

You can also be an editor, giving some help at a particular moment. This is often the case in the Wiki. See Editing LDP Documents HOWTO.

Finding a name

Naming a HOWTO have to be done with care, it's pretty difficult to chance the name after publication (it can be changed in the wiki before publication).

Creating a Document

Creating-a-Document comments about the long process of creating a new document. For all this all what you need is your mind, a pen or your's computer keyboard.

The LDP author guide mostly when not using the wiki.

Publish the document

Once the document is written, send the news to the discuss list, send the document to submit list, or a link to the wiki page and the LDP will do the rest...

Maintaining the document

You still have to maintain the document, that is edit it when the technology change. You have to receive users letters and comments and use them to make your work better.

If you use the wiki look to see if visitors add interesting things (good), or add errors (fix them). You can subscribe to the wiki page to be informed of each modification (look is the upper menu bar of the wiki page).

The "Wiki Author Guide" can help you using the wiki. In the edit screen, you have also some help and LDP wiki writer note they knowledge here.

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