this page is intended as a help for people browsing the wiki to fix language errors.

For language


Many people in the LDP are not English natives and the standard of their english may be less than desirable (especially mine :-) jdd). However, the LDP being devoted to documentation, the LDP documentation, including the wiki, has to be as good as possible in all respects, especially the language.

The language should never be an obstacle for people improving their Linux knowledge and wanting to contribute to the wiki or to write HOWTOs, so we need language reviewers.


We can say that the LDP default language is North American English. So the language should be corrected accordingly, every time there is a difference between idiomatic English and the text in question. We will in the future need to decide which N.A. English dialect we should use - American English is common on the Net, but Canadian English is closer to the British style which is more common globally.

People wanting to help as language reviewer, should browse the "Recent changes" page and look for errors. This is probably not really necessary on preliminary documents, as content may change often, but when a document is near completion, it's very important.

Authors are asked to use admonitions to flag pages needing review, but current pages can't have such admonition and badly need reviews :-).

For coherence

A wiki is a mess... any page can be created nearly anywhere and with any purpose.

It is a full time job to make some sort of order in there...

The LDP wiki should be organised like this:

list to be completed at will.

Any new pages should have at least a link to the writer's own page, then a link to the relevant place. It could be useful to make a "site map", but this would have to be maintained by hand and it's a huge task (in this period where many documents are being created), so it has yet to be done. In the meantime, use the MoinMoin "local site map" or "like pages".

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