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The Linux Documentation Project, in short LDP or tldp (according to his domain name) is a very long standing project about documenting all the aspects of Linux. His rule is the LDP Manifesto. See here the LDP history.

The LDP web site is made of two parts. One of them is a collection of documents, mostly the famous "HOWTO", but also some Guides. This collection is available in many flavors, like html for inline reading to docbook source for rendering in many documents formats. This part of the site is mirrored all over the world.

The second part is the wiki you are reading. This part is aimed to be the LDP workshop, where the new documents are written and where old ones are updated. Of course any people willing to write with docbook/linuxdoc is allowed to, but the other can use the power and friendlyness of our wiki to do so. Be warned that docs on the wiki can be under construction and not yet acurate.

The LDP users

If you read this, you are already an LDP user :-). At will you can be a visitor if you only want to use our docs, but you can fix typos or errors on most wiki documents as a visitor :-); you can also send us a mail to warn when something is wrong on the LDP web site. You can be an author if you want to be responsible of a page, see the author guide. If you want to be even more involved and help us to manage the web site, you can become a member, see the relevant page on the blue inset on the top right of any page, thanks!

The LDP Wiki

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