This page is for description of the LDP staff.

The LDP has had the good fortune of having a multitude of excellent contributors over the many years of its existence. For contact purposes, the list below simply states the current/active members.

If you email us directly, please remember that we receive a <>LOT</> of email and it may take some time to get back to you. If you have a question about the LDP or would like to submit ideas or comments about the LDP, we strongly suggest that you subscribe to discuss AT

This list is in no special (hierarchical) order no member of the staff have more value as a people than any other one. Of course, the job indicated is only the main one, everybody collaborate in any part of the process.


September 2008 - jdd Jean-Daniel Dodin

Also I have login rights to "reggae", the new (August 2008) LDP server, "gabber" (the mail server) and the main LDP site at ibiblio. I have some connections with ibiblio admins that allows me, sometime, to fix problems.


from date? SergiuszPawlowicz Sergiuz Pawlowicz

Webmaster or may be better named Master Admin of the LDP servers. Installed the LDP wiki on "reggae" initially and manage it along with the mailing lists and CVS accounts. manage also the "gabber" server.

Legal questions, Linuxdoc, Document publishing

from date?? (nearly from the LDP beginning :-) David S. Lawyer, <dave(at)>

The LDP memory. Very well informed of the legal/licence story. Major advocate of the Linuxdoc document format. Document reviewer and Document publisher

Legal stuff, Document and wiki review

from date (long time)? RickMoen

Legal advisor, document reviewer

Technical contributor, author management

Translation teams (verified)


Jorge Godoy jgodoy &


Giulio DaprelĂ local copy

New Volunteer.

Jack Ditchburn


I have native English and am able to correct/clarify documents to make them clearer for readers. I would like to take ownership of a page in the future when I have found one within my competence.

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