Inappropriate contents

We can't accept to advertise porn sites, so we can't neither accept to be mirrorred by inapropriate servers. Any such found mirror will be removed from our mirror page and we may use any procedure against such sites trying to mirror the LDP.

Mirroring Information

The mirror page is here.

The master LDP pages are at (do not mirror the wiki, it's pointless). If you would like to maintain a LDP mirror, please email feedback(at) with the following information:

  1. URL of the mirror. We recommend naming the mirror directory "LDP".

  2. Name and/or email address of who will be maintaining the mirror. If at all possible, try to use an alias that can be accessed by more than one person in your organization. One of the primary causes of outdated or unmaintained mirrors is that an individual leaves their company or organization, and no one else in the organization is aware of the existence of the mirror.

  3. Update frequency. We recommend mirroring daily or every other day. Mirroring weekly is less desirable. Anything longer than a week is too long.

  4. Location of the mirror. City, state (if applicable), and country.You will need approximately 1.5 GB of disk space. Once we have your mirror information, you will be sent additional information.

  5. FollowSymlinks We have many pages that have a "latest" or similar link to the most up to date version, like this one so we need to allow this Apache option on the mirror see apache doc. This is best done in the apache config file, but can also be done on the .htaccess file, if allowed by the server.

We strongly recommend mirroring using rsync. We advise a command similar to the following, in a little cronjob that is executed at least 3 times per week:

rsync -rlptv --delete /your_path_to/LDP

The ftp-based perl [[|mirror package]]may also be used but is more difficult to administer. We request that you mirror the entire site and not a portion. Mirroring a subset can cause problems with broken links and other related items. Please be aware that you are responsible for the mirroring process itself. With the number of requests we receive we cannot possibly assist every single individual/site. If for some reason the status of your mirrored location changes, please contact so that this list can remain as accurate and up-to-date as possible. Thanks.

Outdated / Inaccessible Mirror Sites

Please try to keep your mirror site up-to-date. If the site becomes outdated or there is a problem accessing it, you will be contacted. If the problem is not corrected in a timely fashion, you will be removed from this list. If you have been removed and think this is in error, contact feedback(at) Explain the circumstances and list the site (location, maintainer, etc.) that was removed. You will be promptly added back to the list.We appreciate your understanding in this matter!

Notes / Troubleshooting Information

  1. PROBLEM: Using 'rsync' you may occasionally see this error:

read error: Connection reset by peer

SOLUTION: This is due to bandwidth limitations placed on the master site. Try the update again at a different time, or monitor your update process to see if it clears up the following day (or with the next update).

  1. PROBLEM: If you currently use the package 'mirror' or a similar ftp-based package to mirror the master LDP site (found at, formerly, you may encounter the following error:

package=LDP -> <local_directory>
 Failure at end of remote directory () because: timed out
 Cannot get remote directory details (LDP)

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