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Old LDP ToDo

Please, if you want to help the LDP, first:

Basic tasks

Immediate Action Items

As of September 2008, the LDP is trying to enhance its workflow, basically integrating a wiki. (Details on this work in progress are here.)

Continuous workflow

Writing HOWTOs

The LDP's major effort is writing of HOWTOs. If you think you would like to write a certain HOWTO, please subscribe to the LDP general discussion list at or e-mail feedback list, and offer to help. Then check to see if one already exists on your topic. If so, ask the author to offer help. If there is no HOWTO about it, you may want to create a new HOWTO. See the LDP Author Guide (formerly the HOWTO-HOWTO) and/or the HOWTO-INDEX for more details.

The "Guides" are large book-size LDP documents covering broad topics such as system administration.

Cleared tasks

/Cleared tasks

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