This page is dedicated to translators. Feel free to add any tip or link to translator team.

Translating the HOWTOs

"A hint to people considering doing a translation. First, translate the SGML source (available via FTP from the HOWTO main site) so that you can then generate other output formats. Be sure to keep a copy of the original English SGML source that you translated from! When an updated HOWTO is released, get the new SGML source for that version, and then a simple diff -u old.sgml new.sgml will show you exactly what has changed so that you can easily incorporate those changes into your translated SMGL source without having to re-read or re-translate everything. " (quote from the "BootPrompt-HOWTO").

and there is a mailing list for you: i18n (InternationalizatioN)

In fact po files (gettext) can be used to translate HOWTOs and proves its value as long as modifications are small.

interesting white paper about translating the wiki way (pdf)

MoiMoin allows work with SisterWikis

Translation teams

Please write down here the URLs of the transaltion teams you know, even if not directly connected to LDP. Thanks.

French translation team

openSUSE french translation team

Italian translation team

ILDP - Italian Linux Documentation Project

Translation tools

There are some translation tools that one may like better than VI :-).


Online tools

Online Dictionaries

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