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The LDP wiki is the LDP workshop/workbench. You will find here the more recent work done by and for the LDP. This also mean alpha or beta level documentation as well as most uptodate one.


All our static documentation is mirrored all over the world and you can find it near your location for an easier access List of the mirrors.

Main Static Documentation

Some time old, but often valuable.

For the "stable" documentation, see here (the LDP Front page), or

HOWTOs in the Wiki

... and elsewhere

On the page status you will also find infos of the way the HOWTOs are maintained. This page, as all in the wiki, is a workplace page.


The LDP needs to communicate with all he's users.

Becomming a Member

A "LDP Member" is simply somebody who decided to help. No fee, no money to pay (but no money to earn), simply personal satisfaction :-).

Open an account on the wiki ("connect"), read the MembersPage page and begin helping, for example fixing typos in the wiki pages... thank you!

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