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The goal of the Linux Documentation Project (LDP) is to create and distribute a canonical set of high quality free GNU/Linux documentation.

An additional goal is to collaborate on all issues of GNU/Linux documentation. We hope to establish a high quality system of documentation that is easy to use and search. This includes integration of a commented list of all the major documentation sites with similar goals.

The LDP is essentially a loose team of volunteers with minimal central organization. Anyone who would like to help is welcome to join in this effort. We feel that working together informally and discussing projects on our mailing lists is the best way to go. When we disagree on things, we try to reason with each other until we reach an informed consensus. The LDP wiki is the center for hosting the result of the discussions.

We freely distribute our documents via the Internet.

We favor the author driven model. Any HOWTO must have an author, responsible for the final content, even if the HOWTO is on the wiki and editable by all. Linux distributions are invited to include this documentation in their support materials.

The LDP will do everything possible to maintain his or her document is a manner that makes it easy to store, duplicate, and convert to as many file formats as possible, mainly using a standard format as source.

The LDP will favor all possible means of translation of contributors' documents into as many langages as possible.

Major documents

The documents linked here have major importance in LDP's life; thanks for taking the time to read them.

Documents of interest

The following linked documents are also of interest for those who want to understand LDP's workflow.

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